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Product Description
銆怚tem name銆?Inositol nicotinate
銆怱ynonyms銆?Inositol hexanicotinate;Hexanicotol; myo-Inositol hexanicotinate;
Hexanicotinoyl inositol; Inositol niacinate;
銆怌AS NO.銆?6556-11-2
銆怉ppearance銆慦hite or almost white powder
銆怱tandard銆?Medicine grade, Food grade
Inositol nicotinate is inositol and a niacin formulation, that has been esterified with niacin on all six of inositol鈥檚 alcohol groups, and contains no free niacin, but can be hydrolyzed to release free niacin in vivo. http://www.soyoung-bio.com/hea....lthcare-ingredients/